11 Spooky Small Businesses Cashing In on Halloween

The best businesses are built with passion and love for the industry. While Halloween only happens once each year, these 11 companies have figured out how to cash in on the Halloween spirit all year long.

1. Creepy Co.

Founded in 2015, Creepy Co. is an e-commerce website that sells Halloween and creepy inspired merchandise. From hearse lapel pins to haunted house socks, there is merchandise for every Halloween enthusiast. Other products include candy corn candles, skeleton blankets, apparel and plush ghost cushions.

2. Ghost Walk Austin

Ghost Walk Austin, based in Austin, Texas, gives walking tours to people who love to learn about murder, mystery, requited love and ghosts. The tour guide shares stories about the haunted Driskill Hotel, ghosts of Speakeasy Austin and the Austin ax murderer known as the Servant Girl Annihilator.

3. Halloween Adventure

Halloween Adventure is a retail store for costumes and accessories open year-round. A landmark for costume and Halloween enthusiasts in New York City’s East Village, the two-story shop spans an entire block (it cuts through from Broadway to 4th Avenue) and sells a range of outfits, from pop culture icons to unique, offbeat characters. Halloween Adventure also sells wigs, masks, props and decor.

4. HauntWorld

Larry Kirchner owned and operated several haunted houses in the 1980s and ’90s before founding HauntWorld, the largest global database for Halloween resources and activities. Part discussion board and part directory, HauntWorld’s website and magazine allows members of the haunted house industry to connect and share their insights, while thrill seekers can locate attractions like haunted houses and reportedly haunted trails in their area.

5. The Horror Dome

For more than a decade, The Horror Dome has provided animatronics, props, masks and costumes for homeowners and Halloween attractions. The online retailer’s products have been featured on TLC, “Mythbusters,” Jay Leno, and even in the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

6. PepeFX

PepeFx offers makeup and special effects makeup year-round. Owned and operated by Anthony Pepe, a special effects makeup artist in New York City, PepeFx creates scary characters perfect for any Halloween costume.

Pepe has worked in the film and television industry for more than 18 years creating creepy characters such as Frankenstein and Medusa. He also has experience with injury and trauma simulation makeup and monster mask design.

7. Room Escape Adventures

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and many cash in with Halloween-like themes. Room Escape Adventure’s room features a hungry zombie chained to the wall. The chain extends from the wall one foot for every five minutes adventurists are trapped in the room. Participants must gather clues and solve the puzzle to avoid being eaten by the undead.

8. Sew Geek Mama

Candy Keane has been making costumes and crafts her whole life. She previously owned a large online store, which sold Halloween costumes and accessories online, and a retail boutique in Florida that sold outfits year-round. She closed both businesses after having a child and now runs Sew Geek Mama, a small online shop that sells handmade costume items, such as Wonder Woman accessories.

9. SpookyEyes

Ever wonder how to get unnatural-looking eyes like monsters or vampires? You can order special effects contact lenses from SpookyEyes. This e-commerce website sells non-prescription lenses such as blackout, cat eyes, devil contacts, vampire and zombie lenses.

10. SpookyWorld

This haunted house empire has been in business for more than 20 seasons. SpookyWorld, which also owns Nightmare New England, operates five attractions in New Hampshire. Every year, SpookyWorld strives to change and refresh its haunted houses to keep visitors terrified.

11. Vintage Halloween

This online store features made-in-the-USA items and vintage collectibles from Halloween past. Vintage Halloween sells party supplies, ornaments, clothing and accessories, stationery, and other products related to the holiday. While the Arizona-based retailer sells items throughout the year, special sales and giveaways are reserved for October.