6 Horror Films Perfect for Halloween

If you have no idea what to do on Halloween evening this year, we have a solution. Once you put on some Halloween decor and Jack o Lantern pumpkin, there’s one more thing to do — turn on a scary film. Horror movies will make that day (and night) much more terrifying and, as a result, more exciting. Read on and check out our list of flicks that will make your Halloween ten times more enjoyable!

Up Above, So Below

John Erick Dowdle’s Up Above, So Below movie takes you to the hidden catacombs in Paris. The film follows the expedition of several young men and a woman who will go far down the streets of Paris. Their mission is to seek the philosopher’s stone created by Nicolas Flammel. Of course, their adventure will go down the wrong path, and the group of explorers will face life threats while searching for their way out of catacombs.

The movie is created to appear like a true story documentary. For instance, there are many realistic shots of young explorers getting stuck in the tunnels. So, you’ll get the feeling you’re seeing a series of terrifying events taking place in the real-life expedition while watching it. 


In addition, the film is partially based on Dante’s Inferno. In fact, at one point, the explorers will even run into the entrance to the tunnel with the words “Abandon all hope, you who enter here” carved in the stone surrounding it. Thus, the story is allegorical and terrifying in many ways and, therefore, ideal for a scary Halloween night.  


If you plan on throwing a Halloween party with a movie marathon, you can try Insidious. This is actually a movie series that includes four films (for now). All of them center around the topics of paranormal activities, ghosts, and demons. Hence, everyone who enjoys the stories about the dark, mystical forces will love it.

The first movie follows the family trying to save their son, who fell into a coma after a strange incident. However, the family members are unaware that their son has a connection to the ghosts and demons while being in a comatose state. 


The later movie tells a story of the same family’s struggles in the future. The third film is a prequel, based on the events that happened before the original story began. The last part — Insidious: The Last Key — takes place before the original movie. It follows a tale of a paranormal activities researcher who we have encountered in the previous parts. The director Robitel announced more films in the future. 


The ABC’s of Death

Those who enjoy the combination of horror and comedy will love the famous ABCs of Death. This piece of art was developed by 26 different directors from various countries around the globe. Therefore, they consist of 26 independent chapters.


Namely, every director was given a specific alphabetic letter. Then, they chose a word beginning with that letter and created a story around it. Every chapter from the movie involves death. Some of them are murder stories, and the others tell a story of bizarre incidents and comic accidents.


The ABCs of Death perfectly combines the comic and terrifying elements. On top of that, every chapter of the film is unique, shocking, and bizarre in its own way. Thus, if you’re looking for a movie that will cause you to laugh, scream, and stare at the screen in disbelief, this one will do the trick.

The Conjuring

Nothing’s scarier than a horror movie based on a true story. If you want to get an ultimate Halloween experience, you can try watching The Conjuring. It has everything a terrifying horror film needs — a haunted house, ghosts, paranormal activities, and an innocent family dealing with the nightmare-like series of events. 

The film starts with the Warren family moving into what seems to be the house of their dreams. It’s located in the countryside in the United States and appears ideal for peaceful family life. However, the married couple and their five daughters will soon find themselves face to face with terrifying demons and ghosts haunting the place. 


The movie is based on real-life reports. The fact that you know it’s not an imaginary science-fiction horror story will make your experience much more terrifying than it needs to be. So, The Conjuring isn’t a movie for the weak-hearted.  

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Lights Out

Some horror films will leave a lasting impression on you and make you fear the simple, everyday things you do — like turning off the light. If you decide to watch Lights Out on Halloween, you’ll probably fear sleeping in the dark for a week or two. 


Lights Out is centered around paranormal activities and supernatural forces. The story follows a girl Rebecca, her stepbrother Martin, and their mother, Sophie. One night, Martin will see his mother talking to a strange woman and tell his much older sister about it. 


She will then recall her terrifying childhood memories similar to his. Rebecca will try to discover the creepy story that stands behind her mother’s strange behavior. During the process, she will solve the mystery and try to save her younger half-sibling from the ghost haunting their mother. 


Lights Out isn’t a typical story of supernatural forces. It tells us of complicated family relations, the troubles with dealing with the past, and even a love story. However, the murderous ghost lady with claw-like hands is everything a movie needs to scare you properly.

The Curse of La Llorona

If you enjoy horror movies about mystical, supernatural forces, you’ll enjoy The Curse of La Llorona. This film is based on the folklore of La Llorona. It’s a story about a female ghost who wanders around the waterfront regions weeping for her dead children — but she was the one who drowned them.


The movie starts with Anna, a social worker in Los Angeles, discovering what seems to be the case of child abuse. The two boys are then taken away from their troubled mother, only to be found dead soon later. After their death, their mother will blame Anna and seek vengeance. As the story continues, Anna tries to defend her own two boys from the mystical spirit of a weeping woman in a white dress.

The Curse of La Llorona is a perfect movie for those who are looking for inspiration for their Halloween costume. Simultaneously, it will give you chills and create an ideal Halloween atmosphere in your living room.