6 Important Matryoshka Doll Details You Don’t Want To Miss

To buy nesting dolls as a gift to a compatriot or for yourself you need to remember traditional nested dolls are not enough for anyone to surprise, so it makes sense to buy a designer nesting doll. Designer nesting dolls, unlike traditional dolls, do not follow any rules and do not support any canons, which give their manufacturers a greater freedom of shapes, sizes and options for creatively painting nesting dolls. Today, in most online stores you can buy dolls of any kind, like action-themed dolls for kids. For example, matryoshkas with the image of various famous personalities, dolls illustrating folk tales or just beautifully decorated, but not carrying any idea and not following any of the canons of the dolls are very popular.

The Right Kind of Painting

Also today, dolls are often bought for painting. Under the nesting dolls for painting means kits for creativity, that is, empty forms of nesting dolls that need to be painted independently, guided by their aesthetic preferences and tastes. Such freedom gives the opportunity to create a completely unique and individual thing, which can rightly be called the author’s matryoshka dolls. Most often, nesting dolls are bought by various art workshops, which resell painted nesting dolls, but often by nesting dolls by amateur painting and by amateur artists, who have the sole purpose of translating these or those ideas on such a unique canvas.

The best option nowadays is to buy a matryoshka, made to order. Usually, individual works are entrusted to workshops specializing in the manufacture of nesting dolls and other souvenirs, but on occasion you can also turn to a single master. To buy a custom-made matryoshka doll, the craftsmen need to provide a sketch according to which the matryoshka will be produced. In the workshops, usually painted by professional artists according to the unique designs of the customer, but if you wish, you can buy a nested doll under the painting, made according to an individual plan.

Types of nesting dolls:

Separate several main types of nesting dolls that can be bought at any souvenir shop. First of all, these are the traditional Vyatka dolls, Semenov’s dolls or the Sergiev-landing dolls, but there are other types of dolls, such as authoring works or a set for creativity. To buy a doll that will meet your aesthetic preferences and goals, you must be able to distinguish between different types of dolls. The most widespread in our day is the Sergiev-Posad nesting doll. It is the city of SergievPosad that the traditional wooden doll that has survived to our days owes its shape and appearance. To buy a matryoshka doll of sergiyev-posad species in our time does not present any particular difficulty, since it is this species that is still considered to be one of the most common. The traditional form of SergievPosad nesting dolls is a squat figure with a wide top, which smoothly transitions to a thickened bottom. It is easy to buy a nesting doll of traditional formsit’s enough to contact any workshop, since it is this type that dominates today in the whole assortment of nested dolls.

The classic theme of the painting a girl or a young woman has its roots just in the city of SergievPosad, whence the matryoshka spread to workshops all over the country. In most online stores you can buy this particular doll. Vyatka Matryoshka has small differences, the birthplace of which is the city of Vyatka. It is also possible to buy a vyatka-type matryoshka in almost any workshop. The traditional shape of the vyatka nesting doll is no different from the shape of the nesting doll from SergievPosadit is still the same wide doll with a slightly thickened lower part.

The main difference between Vyatka nesting dolls and SergievPosad is the painting, which is often encrusted with rye straws. In the center of the painting of the Vyatka nesting doll, as a rule, an object is placed an apron, a basket, a bouquet of flowers, which sets the tone for the entire painting. To buy a Vyatka type matryoshka, it’s enough to go to any workshop of traditional Russian souvenirs, and there certainly will be several different sizes and murals.

Semenovskayamatryoshka is also considered one of the canons of traditional Russian souvenirs. Unlike the Vyatka and Sergiev-PosadMatryoshka, the Semyonov Matryoshka has a more slender addition. This is achieved by the slender upper part of the doll, which abruptly turns into a relatively wide bottom. It is possible to buy a Semenov’s nested doll in any souvenir shops, since despite the excellent structure this nested doll is also considered to be one of the traditional types of wooden dolls. In the painting of Semyonov matryoshka often there are Khokhloma motifs, which basically use weaves of herbs and flowers.

Unlike other traditional types of nesting dolls, the Semyonov matryoshka often has large unpainted spaces, which causes the absence of a feeling of overloaded painting that could arise from the use of Khokhloma to paint the Semenovskaya nesting doll. Today, in almost any workshop and art studio, you can buy a Semenov-type matryoshka. A completely separate place among the dolls is occupied by author’s dolls, which not only can be painted in any subject and using any motives, but also differ from most traditional dolls in their shape.

Nowadays in workshops and studios you can buy a doll of any shape, the choice of which is dictated by the whims and desires of the author. Designer dolls are often made to order. What is not less important, the author’s dolls include not only completely unique dolls, but also dolls, whose main difference from any traditional style is only painting. Often the words “buy a matryoshka of the author’s look” means “to order a list of the traditional form of the matryoshka from a professional artist according to a unique sketch”.

And finally, the latest type of dolls is the so-called kits for creativity. You can buy matryoshka dolls today from any master of woodcarving, and you can use your own powers to paint the acquired disc. Designers often buy nested dolls for painting, and the result of their work is the author’s dolls of the most extraordinary types, however, it is not uncommon for amateurs to buy nested dolls for painting, which sets for creativity are necessary to realize this or that nesting dolls. This is also a good activity for kids. Painting sports-theme nesting dolls will make kids busy. All these and more decorative varieties of nesting dolls at www.nestingdolls.co

Making nesting dolls:

For making nesting dolls of any kind, whether traditional or familiar matryoshka or designer dolls, soft wood such as aspen, larch, linden or birch is most often used. Before you buy a nested doll, it is recommended to inquire about the material from which the nested doll is made, since it’s long-term and resistance to temperature and humidity changes depends on it. If the material is chosen incorrectly, the matryoshka can crack and crack or it can simply turn into wood dust, so before you buy a matryoshka, you need to learn all about the wood from which it is made. The quality of nesting dolls is also affected by the way wood is dried.

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