“Thank you for everything you’re doing to connect moms and put on events. I’m really enjoying your new mom series and I know others are too. I feel lucky that you set up your business just as I became a new mom in New York!”

-Emily R.


“Grateful to be a part of this community and for all the advice and support!”

— Asma S.


This group has played a big part in ‘raising’ our daughter and building our confidence as parents.”

— Mirna M.


“Being a new mom in NYC is an incredible experience but can be isolating too. This group has been so much more than I ever expected and is still going strong a year later. I wish every new mother was as lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive community.”

— Katy Burris Metz


“This website has changed being a mom for me, from what was a challenging start and feeling lost, to being part of a community of amazing mom friends! It was one of the things I didn’t know I needed before becoming a mom, but has turned out out to be one of the most important.”

— Amisha L.


“This mom’s group was exactly what I needed. I found a support group, friendship, and a place where I could discover my new ‘mom’ identity.”

 Meredith F.